Munciana East

2023 Munciana East Team Selection


About East

Munciana East started in 2021 and has made great strides in their training and volleyball acumen. The club is based in Richmond, IN, and the community is buying into improving the volleyball culture. It has been a grassroots effort by athletes, coaches, and parents to build the program and it is paying off. The younger teams are paving the way to a bright future. Our Munciana East coaching staff continues to grow their volleyball IQ and are ready to lead the club forward.


Athletic Excellence.
Lifetime Experience.


Our Mission

Teaching and training continue to drive the Munciana culture. However, it is the athletes and coaches who make it all happen. Our athletes’ ability to navigate obstacles, embrace the grind, and personal desire to improve has been paramount to the evolution of our club. Success in school ball and collegiately is evidence of our athletes training habits and competitive nature while continuity in our coaching staff is a stabilizing factor in our club.


Victoria Pierson

Munciana East Club Director

Alyssa Lingenfelter

Recruiting Director & Youth Programming