Indianapolis, Indiana

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Munciana Indy: 11825 Technology Dr, Fishers | IN 46038


2024 Indy Ball Control CampJune 3rd-4th9:00-11:00am$75 Register Here
2024 Indy Attacking and Setting CampJune 5th-6th9:00-11:00am$75 Register Here
2024 Indy Serving CampJune 3rd-5th12:00-1:30pm$60 Register Here
2024 Indy All Skills CampJune 24th-26th9:00-11:00am & 12:00-2:00pm$145 Register Here
2024 Indy VolleyTotsJuly 8th-12th9:00-10:00am$50 Register Here
2024 Indy MiniVBJuly 8th-12th10:00-11:00am$50 Register Here
2024 Indy July Ball Control CampJuly 15th-16th9:00-11:00am$75 Register Here
2024 Indy July Attacking/Setting CampJuly 17th-18th9:00-11:00am$75 Register Here
2024 Indy July Serving CampJuly 15th-18th12:00-1:30pm$75 Register Here
2024 Indy Back to School Boot CampJuly 22nd-25th5:00-6:30pm$75 Register Here
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Register Here
2024 Boys Middle School CampJuly 16th-18th3:00-5:00pm$75 Register Here
2024 Boys High School CampJuly 16th-18th5:30-7:30pm$100 Register Here

Team Camps

Munciana hosts multiple 2-day team camps at various locations around the country which allows for quality competition against other varsity and junior varsity programs. Every team will have an elite camp coach throughout the 2 days of camp.